Wig Making for Beginners 


This online course that is great for anyone who is looking to get into the wig making industry as this course will teach you the skill of knotting/ventilating.


The course covers the fundamentals of wig making which are:

Introduction to wig making and how to utilise this course

Tools and Equipment

Correct set up

All About Lace

Single Knotting

Double Knotting

Whip Stitching

Flat seam

Folded Seam 

Recap on what has been learnt

What is the next step

What Equipment will I need?

The main lists of tools and equipment needed for this course are Wig block, cradle/stand, drawing matt, knotting hook and holder, lace, wig pins, scissors and a small bowl of water. You can buy all of this equipment from the suppliers listed below. If you are looking to buy this all in one go and in the form of a ready made kit, this can be purchased from The Wig Department.