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WQHair extends the deep passion of Waqqas, who stepped into the industry at the young age of 20. Starting his career in 2002 as a hairdresser, he knew this would only be the beginning of a unique career path in the hairdressing industry.

What started as a part-time job as a hairstylist in a local salon grew into a lifelong dream to bring a higher level of service to clients. As his skills grew, so did his passion to enhance his training and education in across many areas of the hairdressing industry. That’s where Waqqas was introduced to the Flagship Toni and Guy Academy, where he completed a six-week advanced cutting course. The in-depth training, and his apparently innate talent, lead to the next step in his career path as he took a job with the Academy.

Through his work for the Toni and Guy Academy, Waqqas continued to build his skill set, working in the Midlands and London. As he continued to advance his career, his next undertaking would lead him to become an Art Director who offered exclusive services to clients. That’s where he stepped into a new level of success- adding celebrities to his expanding list of clientele.

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Working on clients opened the door for his entrance into the fashion industry. It was here that Waqqas began his working relationship with L’Oreal Professional. He collaborated with the company to offer hairdressing services for photoshoots and fashion shows. This lead to one of the most memorable moments in his career thus far- working at the London Fashion Week for several years.

In 2007, Waqqas returned to the Midlands where he would even further his training and education. As he put his skills to work in a salon setting, he began to teach and manage a range of courses required for hairdressers working in the UK and Denmark.
In 2013, his training and education would lead him to his current position in the industry. Waqqas trained as a wig maker. This expansion of his expertise would lead him closer to his career goals-bringing a higher level of service to the clients he was so passionate to serve. With a personal experience in the journey of hair loss, Waqqas wanted to help bring his clients a regained confidence through his new skill set.

Through his advanced training in Hair Specialties and Make-up, Waqqas also works with professionals in the TV, Film, and Theatre industries who require wigs. Additionally, he currently lectures at the Higher Education level for topics including fashion work, wig styling, and wig making.
The business is built from a passion and combined with the years of hands-on training, experience, and education in the industry WQHair can offer services from wig-making to education


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